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Austria and the Eagles Nest

Austria and the Eagles Nest

From its snow capped peaks and tranquil lakes to pretty floral decked villages, Austria is quite simply a scene of breath-taking natural beauty and the famous setting of the iconic musical ‘The Sound of Music’. Enjoy spectacular scenery and explore the delights of Innsbruck, Kitzbühel and Berchtesgaden. A trip to Hitler's wartime retreat, the Eagle’s Nest, will bring us a breathtaking view of the Bavarian and Austrian Alps....

Italy's Lake Como

The Magic of Italy's Lake Como

Lake Como is an experience not to be missed - discover idyllic shorelines and beautiful gardens. The Italian Lakes have always held a special attraction and Lake Como is one of Italy’s most popular destinations. Lake Como is Italy’s third largest lake and from its northern shores at the foot of the Alps to the Lombard shores in the south, the scenery is magnificent and full of contrasts. The soaring snow-capped peaks...


Take a Bite Out Of Transylvania

Vlad the Impaler, the 15th Century Prince of Wallachia, was Bram Stoker’s inspiration for his book “Dracula”, one of the most famous books of all time. This tale of Vampires transformed Romania overnight into a land full of mystique and mystery! Experience a journey through Transylvania, located in the center of modern-day Romania and discover beautiful countryside and historic buildings! Our tour also takes in the city of...